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Hummelstown Swim Team 

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The Hummelstown Flamingos’ Swim Team is a summer age-group team in the Mid-Penn Swim League.  Swimmers are aged 4-18 and participate in 4-5 dual meets, optional invitational meets, as well as Divisional championship, All-Star, and Mid-Cap Championship meets.  The team also hosts the Jack Goepfert Memorial Relay Invitational, a relay-only meet that has become a favorite of area swimmers.

While we strive for excellence and regularly have our swimmers’ names on the MPSL’s list of top times for each stroke, we are also determined to provide an atmosphere of fun for swimmers of all levels.  From our opening to our End-of-Season Family Fun Relays, we ensure that swimming is a positive experience for the entire family.  “Little” flamingos are matched with “big” flamingos who show them the ropes and provide special encouragement.  A team-only late night swimming party is one of the many opportunities the swimmers have to bond with each other.  And group cheers and team dances strengthen the community spirit.

Through it all, we have common goals: to swim better, stronger, faster; to contribute to the team’s efforts; and to take home a ribbon with a new personal record on it.  We are the Flamingos, and we are proud!

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